Looking For The Light

It's really such a nice day out. I should be doing something outside. But.. I'm just not in the mood to. Besides, I've got plenty of work to do inside. So.. I shall.

I feel a little dismayed right now. I think that Chris and Rua have been exchanging text messages. I mean.. that's not the part I feel dismayed about. I'm glad they do. I feel dismayed that Chris would text someone he only knows from online.. and yet he refused time and time again to give me his cell phone number. Some bullshit about keeping 'internet friends and real life friends separate'. I guess that doesn't always apply. Maybe if I showed more of an interest in Supernatural or was 'nicer' to him he would be more willing to give me his cell phone number. So yeah, I am a little hurt that he wouldn't give it to me.. and I've known him for what.. 6 years now? But I introduce he and Rua a couple months ago and it's okay?
Whatever. I know all of them have better conversations amongst themselves than they do with me. And I wish I could be better conversationalist with them.. it breaks my heart sometimes that I can't. So while they talk amongst themselves, I just kinda sit here quietly.
I'll probably get in trouble for writing all that.. but it's how I feel.

My mom bought me a really nice digital camera, that we should be getting in a coupld days. It'll really help me show better pics with my eBay pages. Speaking of eBay, I've been making some good money on it. And I enjoy doing it.

I can't really think of anything else right now.. guess I'll go some dishes. Or something.

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