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Well tomorrow is the Dave Matthews concert. I'm hoping on going. It's going to be really good. Won't be my first time seein 'em in concert, hopefully won't be my last.
They were on Dave Letterman last night, did a song from their new album.

I dont know if I mentioned it here, but I've seen many of the summer films I've been wanting to get to. And.. some I havent wanted to see but have. Let's see.. Watchmen, Wolverine, Star Trek, Transformers 2 .. harry potter (because I got blackmailed damn you!) .. I want to see GI Joe when it comes out, 2 weeks I think. As well as 'Where The Wild Things Are'. It's a book I loved as a kid, and all.

Oh, and speaking of Facebook.. I made a Facebook thing on a whim. I really didnt know if I would even attempt to update it at all. I see it as little more than a glorified MySpace, which I'm not a fan of either. But.. yeah I have a MySpace page too.. but I never update it, or even look in it's direction. ANYwho. Like the day after I make the Facebook page.. all these people start adding me. I'm like.. whoosh.. And most of them were my friends from school! Holy crap! People I haven't heard from in forever (which is my doing, really) are suddenly adding me! I'm like.. really happy about that! And before I make these next statements.. if I don't mention you, please don't be mad. I put down those who shine brightest in my memories.. you're all there, of course. I do love you all.
So anywho.. Chad Lautzenheiser, who I remember as being a great pal when I was a kid. I remember going to his house and just having fun. I seem to remember he had an awesome basement, for some reason. Hah. I still drive past the place he used to live.
Jimmy Arrigo, me and him hung out alot in high school. One thing I do remember is how much he disliked my brother! haha, I remember once him asking if he could beat up my brother! How funny is that..
Steve Mautz, he was in band, if I remember. I mean.. I wasn't, but that's one of the things I remember about him. And we worked at Subway together shortly! I feel so awful when I see him, because we were working together one night, and I quit that night! I like totally bailed on him! Now easy, lemme explain. Subway at the time was my second job. And frankly I couldn't handle it. Yeah I really could handled it better. heh..
Dan Haizlip. Mah boy. I met him in sixth grade.. and he's the one who really got me into comic books and drawing. I called him my very first muse! We would make comic books.. like draw on notebook paper and staple themtogether. His were always awesome, mine were ripoffs of other things. hehe. He always had a real talent, he taught me so much. He had an awesome house too!
Those are my most notable recent additions in Facebook, those who I just lost contact with. How much we've all changed, but we haven't changed at all. I'm still the goof who likes to draw and play video games more than real work. Huzzah!

Rua my love.. I hate to admit when you are right. Because.. well you are right so much. Serenity has become one of my favorite movies. I remember how much you loved the show.. well Jayne (sp) specifically.. and I couldn't get into it, and I remember how much I just didn't like it. But.. well the movie was frickin awesome. I watch it whenever I see it on, and I'm working on DL'ing it. Feh.. teh fox wins agains..

Did you know I have heel spurs? Well I do! And they are not fun. My left foot is all like.. enflamed or something, from me being on it so much. Yeah I know, my weight doesn't help either. Anyone, I have this problem, and I got pills for it. To take down the inflamation and help with the heel spurs. But they didnt do much, and now i'm out of them. I need to hit up the doctor again, get more. Get something more powerful too.

I think that's it for now. I need to get back to City of Heroes. There's rescuing to be done, after all!

Wait.. I want to tell you about something funny. Ya know Cody is one of my best pals. He's the guy I work with, my lead in fact. And we have a good time at work. Pulling pranks on each other or other departments. Rita (whom I also work with) calls us the weasley brothers of Talecris. I.. don't know what that means, but it sounds funny. Anywho.. he thinks me listening to Dave Matthews so much is dumb. He says I could be homosexual because I like him so much. I mean they're my fave band of all time. Just are. Anywho.. he said the only way he'd ever buy an album is if I did go to the concert, and it was being recorded, and I yelled out "FUCK YOU CODY! I LOVE YOU DAVE!" So that's what I'm going to do! Cody just doesn't know good music when he hears it! So there!


IsabellasCloset said...

Hi Jason, I like the Dave Matthews band.. I think they are cool!
Tell your friend Cody to get a life...LOL
Hugs ~Mary~ :-}
PS I liked Transformers, Harry Potter & LOVED Star Trek.. Good Summer for movies.

Dan said...

hahaha Jason it was great seeing your name pop up on fb. I love your blog, I'll be reading it regularly. btw I still have some of the original drawings from those times. Sometimes its just hard to part with good memories.

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