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Well I went and I did it.
Chris got a fancy-shmancy new phone.. and so I felt the need to get one too. Did I want to outdo him? Well I always feel the need to try and outdo everyone, being the pathetic simpleton I am, but no I didn't want to outshine my buddy. I just was in the mood for a new phone. For an upgrade. And I am all about the upgrade, baby.
And the phone I got was the Motorola Moto Q.
It's what is known as a SmartPhone. Essentially, a PDA and phone in one sexy lil package. And so far.. I am really really enjoying it. It's very light and compact, has a bright and wide screen. Stereo sound. The camera is just beautiful, I mean it takes much richer pics than my old phone did. And one of the best things, since it's like a PDA, it'll hook up directly to my comp to synch with it. So, I can put whatever MP3's I want on it or pics. I FINALLY am able to use Fanfare from Final Fantasy VII as a ringtone! I can also use pics from my comp as the home screen's image.
It also came with ringbacks, which is a cute little thing for just a dollar more a month.
Yes I did have to get a more expensive plan, but my plan wasn't that expensive from the start.
So yes, I'm very happy with it thus far. I just need to get used to texting (Nessa will attest to just how awful my texting skills are at times) and figure out how to get AIM on it. Not sure that's possible as yet.

So since I got this blingiriffic lil SmartPhone, I have decided to sell my PDA. The one I bought not so long ago. I put it on eBay all by myself!
Check it out here http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=004&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=140140348244&rd=1&rd=1

I've gained a little weight this passed week, I know it. I think it's from this pop (yes pop not soda damn you!) I've been guzzling. I just need to get my head straight and get back to drinking just Crystal Light, with the occasional water or milk.

I got the new issue of GameInformer in the mail today. Man do I love this magazine. Well I'm gonna bail.. got things to do. I mean.. I probably do. Somewhere.

Who loves ya? JaysamaLuvsYa!

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