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Mood: Meh..

First off, how do you like my new layout? I debated with myself and my conscience (better known as Rua) about whether or not to change it. As Rua said, there's nothing wrong with the old one, it was pleasent on the eyes. But you know how I am. If I can have mine all.. snazzy and flashy.. then that's what I want. And besides, it looks pretty nice, I think.

This morning I got up a bit earlier than usual, and I went out job hunting. Bought a paper at the local BP (the one just across the street from Mary's house) and got myself some hot chocolate (with a hint of cinnamon and caramel syrup). I then drove to the local McDonalds and sat in their parking lot looking through the want ads. I circled a few prospects, and actually turned in apps at a couple places. So we'll see how it goes, I suppose.

My wishlist:
A nice Bluetooth wireless headset for my phone
Maybe a better battery for my phone
Paper Mario (for the Wii of course)
A job

That last one I can probably do pretty easy. heh. In fact, I think I'll go to Marco's tonight. Just because I found out they have pineapple. huzzah. And I have coupons for there. Huzzah.

And now.. a pic of my desktop! Literally my desktop!

You can see my monitor.. the coupons I tore out last night.. my lil notebook.. my Wii.. my cup 'o pencils/pens.. my Xbox360.. my little mannequin man (that's his 'Eagle!' pose).. my Pink Floyd beanie cap.. my keyboard..
I love my desktop!

And to totally change the subject.. I hate Nany Grace. For someone who's supposed to be an interviewer.. she always seems to be attacking people on her show. I mean really viciously sometimes. I often feel like she's passing judgement on people there. This was especially evident during her segments regarding the Benoit (R.I.P.) tragedy. She seemed convinced that it was 'roid rage'. That he slaughtered everyone around him because of that. She didn't have anything to back up her thoughts.. it was like she already convicted him. And she's really abbrasive with anyone who has a differing opinion than hers regarding anything. I know she's popular.. but I just don't like her. Anyone who contributes to the suicide of a troubled person and showns no remorse is just wrong to me..
*steps off of his soapbox*

Well I can't really think of anything else to bitch and whine about.. but the day is young!

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