Today Was The Exam

This is the test for the water plant operator. There were 71 people there, and the top 10% of exam scores will be the ones who get an interview.
I'm really worried that I didn't make the cut. I'll find out next week what my score is.. and then Aug 2 is when they start the call backs for the job interview.
The first part of the test was industrial reading comprehension. We had 40 minutes to do it.. it was easy for me. I do well on those kinds of things. I had plenty of time to double check my answers on it. I'm confident about that part.
And then there was the math part. Math has always been my weakness. We had 20 minutes for it.. that was the first part that sucked. And this wasn't just addition and subtraction. it was intergers, fractions, percentages, complex division.. the last part (the harder questions), I didn't even get to finish. I had like.. 5 or 6 questions to go. That killed me. But I dont think some other people finished it either.
I hate that I didn't do that well. I genuinely went in there needing to get this exam done. and get a good score on it. But I'm not sure I did either of those.

So.. per Chris' suggestion, I'm gonna go out tomorrow and do more job seeking. If nothing else, it'll get my mind on something more than this little screwup in my life. I've got gas in my car's tank, i've got a few extra bucks in my wallet, may as well do something.

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