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So.. it's about 5AM last night (this morning, whichever), and I'm talkin to Nessa. Who is the only one insane enough to be up at that hour with me. But I go to bed finally, looking forward to a good night's rest in my clean new sheets. But when I walk in my bedroom.. I hear this shrill badgering sound comin from outside. And it's kinda loud, too. I'd hear the badgering sound, and then like hollow metallic clinking. So I looked out my window and couldn't see anything. And then I said... ah screw it, i'm goin to bed.
I laid in bed for about 3 seconds, and realized I wouldn't be able to get to sleep while some cat or something is out there. Yeah, I really did it was a cat in trouble (lookin out for ya Death). So I get dressed, and I go outside. Now mind you.. in our parking lot, there's 2 dumpsters. One on the other side of the parking lot from my building, and one to the right for the house that's there. It's the one on the side that I hear the sounds from. My immediate thought was a cat got trapped in the dumpster.. but now that I was out there, it didn't sound like a cat, the claws sounded to heavy.
So the lids are closed on the dumpster as I creep up on it, not knowing what I'll find there. I walk around it, and decide I need to open the lid. So I open the lid, and I scurry behind the dumpster with the lid. I think somewhere in the back of my mind I expected whatever was in there to suddenly leap out and latch onto my face (thanks Aliens!). But.. nothing leaps out and tries to claw my eyes out. Huzzah. Gathering all my courage.. I peak in.
It's 2 little raccoons.
The dumpster was empty.. and the lids were closed.. I have no idea how they got stuck in there. In the back of my head I think someone maybe intentionally trapped them there. They're clawing at the sides of the dumpster and crying and trying to get out.. and I'm like.. I'll save you little guys!!
But how? I sure as hell ain't gonna reach in there and pull them out. Do I have anything they could climb out with? Uh.. I'm out there in my boxers and a t-shirt, so that's a negative. And then I remember.. one of the people downstairs in my apartment moved out, and they left this huge dissassembled cabinet there next to the other dumpster. So I go over there and i'm lookin at these pieces.. most were to heavy or to short to be useful. But in the dumpster I see these long planks of wood. Perfect. So I hop up a little and lean over the edge of the dumpster and pull out this plank of wood. Like a varnished piece and all, mebbe it was the side of a cabinet or something. I carry it over to the other dumpster, and I say "Don't worry fellas, help's at hand!" (that's right, a Transformers movie quote for the raccoons). I set the plank in the dumpster with one end outside of it, like a ramp going into the dumpster. I step back, and I wait.
After just a few seconds, I see the first one scampering up the ramp! I'm like, yeah it worked! And then the second one comes up. And now that I could see them a little better (the sun hasn't come up yet and all), I see they're really just babies. Not even close to full grown. So they're now walking along the edges of the dumpster on top of it, mebbe to get their bearings or something. And I'm like.. aww bebe raccoons! And I step closer, and one of them hisses at me.. and then I'm like... OkayStayingBackSir. He was just scared still, I'm sure.
I see oe of them go back into the dumpster.. and I'm like.. no! But he's smart enough to climb out again on the ramp. heh.
So the raccoons then move back towards the lil woods, and I'm just smiling to myself. I felt really good about what I had done. And I know if one of the other people of my neighborhood woulda found them, they no doubt woulda done just awful things to 'em.

So that's my big story. My good deed for the day! And now I go back to my Tamlin pic.. hope to get it done today! Shyeah.


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