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Mood: Melancholy
Watching: Judge Elum (local court proceedings)

So last night I got the best sleep I've had in months.
Usually when i go to bed, I don't fall asleep for hours sometimes. Example: Saturday night I went to bed at about 2AM, but I didn't fall asleep till 7AM. My mind is always on the things that I'm worried about.. like not having a job, how much I'm wearing on my parents, my weight.. or RP things.
But last night, well my mom gave me these lil sleeping pills.. I got some new sheets (non-flannel sheets) yesterday, and I even turned my mattress. When I laid down for bed.. I don't even know how long I was conscious. I don't think it was moer than a few minutes at most.
And I slept through the whole night, I didn't wake up anytime during the night or anything. And it was the most restful sleep in months.
I didn't wake up till my alarm went off at 8AM this morning. And I felt good when I got up. I was ready to hit all the places I wanted to this morning.

After my appointment at JOBS I kind of drove around a lil, wondering what to do next. I went to the store earlier and bought a paper, and I looked through it for jobs and such. Got chinese for lunch.. and then came home and did my home stuff. Posted on the RP board, been playin Paper Mario for the Wii on and off. It's a way fun game, I highly suggest it to anyone with a Wii. It's a cute game, but still a bit of a challenge.

Tomorrow I'm gonna go help my mom clean out the barn. I'm hoping my eBay stuff sells.. and I hope the guy who bought Mario64 pays up soon..

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