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After my depressing rant on Friday.. I'm feeling a bit better. I had my interview today at.. um.. I keep forgetting the name of the place. And it's not that hard of a name to remember. Anyways, it's to work at a home for the handicapped. Mostly mentally, I think. The interview was, basically, the woman going over my application and asking me a bunch of questions about myself. I was concise in all of my answers.. I thought about each answer instead of just spurting out what she might want to hear. I had her laughing (in a good way) at some of the little jokes I made. All in all I think it went well. So.. in the next week or so they'll be contacting me again (I hope) about the job. Then they'll give me a nursing home location to check out and see if I like it there. if I do, then i'll be working there. If I don't, I just have to tell them and they'll let me pick another one.
It's $8 an hour.. not as much as I used to make. but still, it's income. And it has great benefits. Which is important.

Well my eBay listings are done with for the moment. All in all I made $287.18. Huzzah!! I'll be shipping stuff out tomorrow again. Shipping things to Puerto Rico and Germany. Should be very interesting.

And that's it for now..

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