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My dad seems to be behaving.. but I know he's still sneaking things he shouldn't be. And he thinks he's fooling someone. Sometimes I think he puts more thought into how he can sneak a puff or 5 of his cigar in the house, or how he can sneak an extra drink in.. when I wish he was more in the mindset of WANTING to change.

But anyways.. yesterday while visiting mom and dad, I went upstairs and pulled out a box of comic books. Then I went to the comic book store and bought some bags, a card holder and the newest Overstreet Price Guide. Got home, and started goin through 'em. I even made a cool lik Excel worksheet to keep track of 'em. I decided that instead of making one huge list for the whole collection, I'd just make each box it's own domain. And in the box I have, I've found some real gems so far. The best was Transformers #1. Like the original original Marvel comics book that came out in '84. It was only supposed to be a 4 issue limited series.. but by number 4, Marvel got so much positive feedback on it (and no doubt they saw how the series was blowin up and the toy sales), they just kept it goin to number 5. And on the very last comic that was released, number 80, on the cover it said '#80 in a 4 issue limited series'. I thought that was amusing.
I also found some Silver Surfer comics. Not exactly in the best shape.. but that didn't matter, because the stories are just outstanding. And the art is by Ron Lim, one of my heroes art wise. Those I'm not sure I'll sell.
Yeah, most of these books are gonna go up on eBay. I already put the Transformers comic up for bids. So we'll see how it goes. I'm not exactly sure how many comic books I have.. I've NEVER really sat down and counted them. But I really think I have about 5000. Some I'll sell individually, but I can see putting up like packs of them for like 5 or so bucks. We'll see.

I didn't get the job at the home for handicapped people. I'm really bummed about it. I was getting psyched about that job. So I have to make ends meet until I can friggin find another job. Ugh.

Well, back to typin my RP post.

JDLuvsYa! (Who's your monkey!?)

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