Midnight Burritos and Killin Old Men

So I decided to take a ride suddenly tonight to check out the hunter's moon. To get a good look at it. So I drove aorund for a while.. and then I decided to stop at Taco Bel for a late night snack and what not.

Here's where it gets interesting.

Now first off, I feel really bad that this happened. It's not funny in the least... it's what happened afterwards that's funny. I'm going to make a left to turn into Taco Bel, and it wasn't until the last minute that I saw this guy riding a chopper suddenly right there. He has to swerve to avoid me, I have to swerve a little to avoid him. But he doesn't drop his bike, he doesn't wreck out or anything and it's all good. he's fine, I make sure he rides off okay as I'm pulling in.
NOW it gets funny.
I pull into the drive thru lane of el Taco, and the chopper guy pulls up in the lil parking lot section next to it. So he's like right next to my car. He starts yelling at me, asking me "What was that back there?!" and the like. And I say plainly and calmly.. I didn't see you until the last second. Which was totally true, I didn't, and it was my fault. I copt to it. But then he starts to go on and on. Now I understand he's excited and all, his heart rate is probably going a mile a minute. Which is why I ddn't get to flustered. He's looking at me like I'm retarded, and he keeps asking what my problem is. And he stutters a little, and he's like "I might stutter a little when I'm excited, but tht doens't mean I'm weak!" apparently he thought I wanted to fight him or something. And then he's like "Ya know it's assholes like you that's the reason so many riders die every year!" to which I calmly answer.. well maybe you should wear a helmet, dude. And then he informs me that there's a cop right in the next parking lot.. and I'm like.. well okay. What does that have to do with anything? Like I siad.. I understand he was pissed. But I apologized, I'm not sure what else he wanted. Should I have gotten out of my car and begged forgiveness, or spilled some of my own blood to appease his Hog Gods? Fuck no, I said I'm sorry and I'll be more careful. And if he's not happy with that.. tough shit. It was funny, though. The line starts moving, and I tellhim to have a good night and move on. And he sits there for a few moments, lookin like he's trying to decide whether or not to get out off his bike and come at me. But he doesn't, of course. Maybe he knows I would have laid waste to him, and then taken his chopper. He looked like he was as old as my dad, and he informed me (for some reason) that he had 2 strokes in the last 10 years.

Good times.

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