Been A Long Time, Been A Long Time

Well it's been.. almost a week short of forever since I've updated my blog!
And now here we are.

First off, I like my job. I'm a plasma processor at Talecris Plasma Resources. I like most of the people I work with. It's not hard work. Wish the pay was better, but I like it. I genuinely like going to work everyday. Our lead, Cody, makes it a good place to work for us all too.

Things aren't great for me. But they could be worse. My left foot has been hurting like almost continously for the last month. Bleh. I might have a heel spur. I know I need to lose weight. Dur. And I'm working on it.

I miss FFXI. I played that game like a friggin maniac. My character, Sprocket, was my boy. He was a level 75 Red Mage. One of the more useful jobs in the game. And after 4 years of playing him, my boy got hacked and stolen. Really broke my heart.

Still living with mom. It's not so bad. It is what it is. We're supporting each other financially. So what can you do. I'd really like to move into a smaller house, one we could afford more easily.

I do have an iPod Touch. And I friggin love it. I subscribed to Sirius again, and I can listen to it on my iPod. It's 16 gigs, and i have over 2000 songs on it. Of all kinds. It's my sidekick. I can do alot with it, so long as I'm near a wi-fi connection. That last part kind of burns my ass.. it's hard to find a wi-fi link when I'm not at home.

Planning on going to see Dave Matthews on July 29! At Blossom. I can't friggin wait! Anyone who knows me knows DMB is my fave. And it'll be weird seeing them without Leroi Moore there, who was one of my faves.

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