Frozen Flare

I've been having a hard day. Week. Month. It's just been hard, and not getting any easier.
It's February now, and my father died in Novemeber. And I still feel.. listless. Like I'm expecting it to be some grand joke being played on me.
I've been weepy all day, I feel like dren. And I can't pull myself out of it, no matter what I try.

I've moved in with my mom, as most of you know. Got my own little room, little being the working term. But I've gotten pretty comfortable in it. I got it just the way I want, I think. I kind of wish I had a smaller bed, so I could have more room. But I don't think that's in the cards.

My ankle's feeling better. I sprained it badly the second week of Decemeber. And here it is 2 months later, and it's almost finally healed. It's been a real roadblock in my plans, in my progress.

I don't really feel like typing anymore. I might go play some Xbox or something.
Talk to ya later.

About Me

So what about me.. I'm a geek. Born and bred. My mom often says I'm just a big kid. A.. a really big kid. I live in Massillon, Ohio. I like sketching, coloring on the comp, video games.. and all other things a self proclaimed geek would dig. Hi Nessa, Chris, Rua and Ash! And hi Mary! I'm currently unemployed, but workin hard to change that. Workin.. really hard. oi. Welcome to my blog!!